Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Was in Bintulu a few week back. Actually it was a pitstop for us to go pee before moving on to miri. Anyhow, guess who i met in a seafood restaurant... the biggest living lobster i've ever seen! Felt certain the ppl in that shop thinks i'm sakai one kind, but dun care, not from there wat, buek!
Anyhow, so huge..... such a pity to actually cook it for dinner. Plus these fiesty thingy's don't come cheap, RM 166/kg, and this bugger weighs a hefty 3 kg!

Got this off Sharon. Her attempt to become lobster chowder!
Heh heh heh, finally found time to blog.
Sad as it may sound, i don't quite know how to explain what i have been doing for the past few months. It seems it has only been work and work alone. Sad, sad life to be leading.
Anyhow, i promised a friend that i'll try my very best to keep my blod updated so at least she would know if i have fallen off the face of the earth yet.
Well, glad to inform u, my dear i'm stillvery much alive and kicking!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

So slow of me to jump on the bandwagon of blogging. But nevertheless, i've finally started one to document my life's journey as a nurse (some of u out there still cannot put through their brains i'm a nurse!) with all its ups and downs.

Four years ago, i just couldn't imagine myself doing what i do today. I always wanted be a vet, on the basis that my patients can't talk back at me! Dreams of being a pilot went out the window when i got my firat pair of glasses at 15. In my mind then, nursing is a very feminine job, having to be sweet and patient at all times to sick, ailing and sometimes dying patients. Some more the few nurses that i came across during my childhood scarred me for life, rather rough and insensitive. I was determine not to be like them. Then, it was either God or government conspiracy that landed me with the three yr nursing course. Having not much of a choice, i persued a study not knowing what i'm up against and if i'd like it.

The three years i spent studying nursing were the best sort of education I can hope for, great lecturers, wonderful coursemates, fun clinical sessions and cool postings. Clinicals are my fav as it combines gorry insight to things you wouldn't see on a normal basis, body parts, and all plus u get to jab, poke and insert all sorts of instruments into ur patients all for the sake of finding out their health status.

Over the years, i notice i developed some qualities i never thought i had in me. I never thought i could feel empathy, only sympathy, hold the hands of a frail old lady to allay her fears, or cuddle a crying baby.BUT, the sadistic streak in me is still there till this very day. I still enjoy Dida-bashing(when given the chance), its a sport u know and dat's what keeps my sainity.

I have always wondered, have i not taken this path in life would i have looked at life and ppl around me differently? Would i have gotten the chance to meet all the interesting ppl i've met so far? Only god knows.